How do I care for my noblechairs gaming and office chair? How do I care for my noblechairs gaming and office chair?

How do I care for my noblechairs gaming and office chair?

For those looking to maintain and clean their Real Leather, PU Leather, or Hybrid Vinyl / PU Leather chair, we recommend the noblechairs Premium Cleaning and Care Kit if available.

It’s recommended that you use the care kit every 4 – 6 months, depending on use. In the event, your chair is directly exposed to sunlight (we strongly advise against this to maintain the integrity and quality of the material), it’s recommended to maintain the product on a more regular basis to prevent damage.

Alternatively, you can wipe the surface of your chair with a few drops of mild soap, 1L of water, and a lint-free cloth. Please note, it‘s important to not use too much soap, in the event too much soap is used, the residue can remain in the chair and the alkaline properties of the soap can cause the leather to become brittle. Once completed cleaning with soap and water, it’s recommended that you wipe the chair down again with a damp cloth removing any traces of soap and dirt

When cleaning your Fabric Chair, you should first vacuum the surface with a vacuum cleaner to remove excess dust and dirt. Once complete, you can use a cleaning foam for fabric furniture and spray a layer over the chair as directed via the instructions of the bottle. When the cleaning agent has been sufficiently absorbed, you can remove the dirt and remaining foam with a brush.

Once complete, it is recommended you leave your noblechairs to dry first before completing the final process. Depending on the environment, 10 minutes should be sufficient, however, if the chair has become particularly damp, you can wait longer until it feels dry to the touch. Finally, you can take a moment to vacuum over the surface again removing any dust or dirt that has come to the top during the cleaning process.